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Fathers & Families has an ambitious legislative agenda and has helped pass family court reform legislation in over two dozen states. Below are updates on Fathers & Families' current legislative projects. To learn more about our legislative and other achievements, click here. California Action Alert: Support CA. AB 2416--Child Custody Reform to Help Parents Who Serve Fathers & Families Introduces 4 Family Court Reform Bills into California Legislature F & F serves on Department of Child Support Services Programs Workgroup, the only advocacy group included Massachusetts F & F Conducts Campaign in Support of HB 1400, the Massachusetts Shared Parenting Bill Fathers & Families Helps Defeat Bill Which Would Have Marginalized Noncustodial Parents in Their Children's Healthcare Decisions Arizona F & F-Inspired Arizona Bill to Protect Disabled Parents from Family Court Abuses Passes House Indiana Indiana Governor Signs F & F-Inspired Bill to Protect Disabled Parents from Family Court Abuses Florida Law Fathers & Families Helped Create Is Tested, Leads to Victory for Parent Texas F & F Legislative Representative Helps Pass SB 279 to Protect Military Parents" Custody Rights Federal Legislation F & F Helps Lobby for HR 2647 which mandates that Secretary of Defense produce report on child custody litigation

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