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London, England--Tim Line, a British veteran of the Falklands War, has scaled the roof of the home of one of England's leading judges to protest being cut off from his three daughters. To learn more, see my recent blog post UK Protester: 'It was very difficult to get on to the roof but it was far easier than it is to see my children'. A letter from Tim to his supporters:
If you are reading this then I am now be on top of Lord Justice Matthew Thorpe's roof in Seend, Wiltshire. Not an easy roof to climb alone. This is the same village, where up until June 2006 I lived with my wife and 3 girls and where they still live. Today 8th August will be a whole year since I last had any contact with them after my wife suddenly stopped me from seeing them. It took 4 months to get a hearing to apply for a contact order, but based purely on the CAFCASS officers interview with my girls, where my eldest said she didn't want to see me, the judge said he would not make an order for contact. At no point did the CAFCASS woman interview either my wife or me and had no idea of the background that had brought us to that point. I had a great relationship with my daughters whom I love dearly. To suddenly hear that my eldest did not want to see me was a total shock. The judge kindly allowed me to "write to them once a month and send them small gifts at appropriate times." He further advised me to keep the letters short because "children do not have long attention spans." He was talking about my A* pupil daughters who devour large novels at an alarming rate! He also told my wife to encourage them to respond to my letters, but since that day - despite writing every month and delivering gifts for birthdays and Xmas, I have not had one reply. This nonsense has got to stop. I have had a large banner made which reads: I CAN LIVE WITH ANYONE ELSE'S KIDS BUT NOT MY 3 GIRLS DAD LOVES YOU ALL NO CONTACT FOR 365 DAYS! FAMILY COURTS DAMAGE CHILDREN www.fathers-4-justice.org If any of you live in Wiltshire I would appreciate your support. I intend to stay up at least 2 days - especially as Saturday is the annual Seend Summer Fete."

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