NPO publishes blog articles to inform and to stimulate conversation about issues of importance to NPO's mission.  All blog articles express the opinions of the authors as individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of National Parents Organization, its Board of Directors, or its executives.  

Newsletters The Banner is our quarterly general-purpose newsletter. It usually runs six to eight pages and is mailed to members. It contains articles on a variety of topics of interest to our members, as well as notices of upcoming meetings and events. FamilyLink is a glossy, two-page brief intended for lawmakers, judges, and opinion-makers in Massachusetts. It is published six times per year. Fathers & Families also distributes an email newsletter. This is available to any member of the public who provides us with their email address, free of charge, but subscription alone does not constitute membership in F&F. The email newsletter features a wonderful weekly compilation of activities for parents and children, as well as notices of meetings, comments on recent developments, alerts to media stories about fathers, and occasional calls to action. Only F&F can post messages, so you will not be spammed. Family Link March 2004 * Research on Removals Shows Harmful Effects on Children * What's Best for Children * Over 100 Attend Fathers & Families" Candidates" Night * International Support Builds for Shared Parenting * FAF Expands – Dan Hogan Joins Staff as Managing Director June 2003 February 2003 June 2003 Issue of the Banner The Banner Extra June 2003 Issue of the Family Link December 2002 * Dealing Effectively with the GAL * Negative Impact to Men's Health * Formation of the "Family Political Action Committee" * New legislation for 1) Shared Parenting, 2) Inherited Wealth, 3) Out-of-State Moveaways October 2002 * 2002 Conference Features Patriot's Cornerback Hitchcock * Court awards Equal Custody though Parents cannot cooperate * Fight against Paternity Fraud intensifies across US * November 5, 2002 elections * Samantha Runnion - The rest of the Story May 2002 * Can your Ex Change your Child's Name over your Objection? * Did we make a difference? * New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Men February 2002 * 2001 Wrap-up and Outlook for 2002 * How Important are Fathers? * IRA & 401k Trap for the Unwary * Low Cost Support and Counseling for Members * New Child Support Guidelines Released * SJC Clarifies Prenuptial Agreements * SJC Muddies Unvested Stock November 2001 * Avoiding Arrest for Abuse * Bar sees Problems with Moveaway Law * FAF Retains Fund Raiser * Facts about Raising Kids * Lobbyist Addresses Fathers & Families * National child Support Protest * Union Members Take Note * US Supreme Court Reaffirms Parent's Rights January 2001 * FAF unveils Strategic Plan * FAF Files four Bills for 2001 * Fight Injustice - Become a Town Captain * FAF's Mission * Legislators Support FAF on Child Support * Make Joint Legal Custody Work * Unmarried Father Winds Sole Custody * Union Members Have Power October 2000 * Attorney Friend to Speak November 20 * Best Interest of the Child? * Department of Disinformation * Prison Sentences for Violating Restraining Orders * Psychologist Hagen Addresses FAF * Should you Appeal to a Higher Court? * State Auditors Report Cites Lax Controls * What to do if Your Child Support is too High View Archived Newletters

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