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Los Angeles, CA--Tracy, a reader, writes:
I am a single mom of two boys. My ex-husband and I share joint physical and legal custody of our children. That is the way it should be. We are both parents to our children and he is a good dad. On the other side I am currently seeing a wonderful man and father who the courts have seen fit to give minimum visitation. Even though several eye witnesses are willing to testify to his ex's inability to take care of the kids and she has been caught in several lies. She was fired from a job she was making $17.00 an hour at so she could stay home. She has been living at her parents' house and getting $150.00 per week child support, food stamps and Medicaid. Her hope was to drag $2,000 a month out of my boyfriend, which is what her first attorney told her would happen. Luckily the judge saw through that. Women nowadays feel they are owed something when they divorce. This is not true. They are no better parents than the fathers. Granted there are some circumstances where the mother or the father are not qualified to parent. But if both are good parent it should be 50/50 from the get go until all things are settled. Women feel they can go in crying a sob story and be handed everything. To all women, wake up and smell the coffee! They need to take responsibility for their own lives and the lives of their children that they so desperately want all to themselves. Of course only because they love them. I think it's time judges realize what is going on and that there are fathers out there that are just as good if not better than the mothers.

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