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National Parents Organization of Virginia needs members in every part of the state to represent us with their state senator and representative and to show our strength through calls, emails, and letters to our elected officials.

Legislative Liaisons
National Parents Organization of Virginia needs members to educate their legislators and those in the executive branch at both the state and federal levels, and to gather information about their legislators and their opinions about our issues. This will strengthen our work and help identify legislators most sympathetic to our issues.

When we need to show our strength, we need every member to become an activist by making calls and by sending letters and emails to our legislators and the executive branch.

In addition to this we need volunteers who have these very specific talents:

Legislative/Political: Experience in and a working knowledge of the legislative/regulatory process in Connecticut and of the executive branch. Institutional knowledge of the players is particularly helpful.

Family Law Attorney: Helpful in analyzing changes to family law.

Membership Organizer: Encourages National Parents Organization of Virginia members to participate in campaigns. This includes national campaigns on issues and state campaigns to promote legislation.

Outreach: Contacts unions, and business and professional associations to seek opportunities to address their members.

Fundraiser: Identifies and cultivates business owners and professionals in the work of National Parents Organization of Virginia.

Media: Seeks opportunities for interviews on television and radio programs for the Executive Committee members.

Researcher: Gathers information needed for successful lobbying in Virginia: legislative cycle and calendar, filing deadlines for legislation, child support guidelines review cycle, legislative leadership, and legislative committee for family law.

Virginia Executive Committee Chair: Christian Paasch

Contact Info

State : Virginia
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (617) 542.9300 ext 3



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