July 18, 2014

National Parents Organization has actively supported the formation of a new professional society, the International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP). ICSP is based in Germany, and brings together researchers, child development experts, attorneys and judges from many countries, especially from Europe. It recently successfully completed its First Annual International Conference on Shared Parenting, drawing participants from 22 countries. National Parents Organization, Ned Holstein, and Joe Sorge provided financial support to the Conference.

Ned Holstein, MD, MS, Chairman of the Board of National Parents Organization, serves on the Board of Directors and on the Scientific Committee of the ICSP. He agreed to deliver the keynote address at the conference in Germany. At the last moment, he was unable to attend due to personal reasons, and instead videotaped his comments, which were then played for the participants. In his comments, he discussed the prevalence of shared parenting in the United States today, the attitude of the general public toward shared parenting, the role of non-profit organizations in advancing shared parenting and the top research needs concerning shared parenting. You can view his comments by clicking here.

The Second Annual Conference on Shared Parenting will again be held in Bonn, Germany in the spring of 2015. National Parents Organization urges you to put it on your calendar as soon as specific dates are announced. As was the case this year, you will be able to learn about the research evidence concerning shared parenting being gathered in numerous countries.

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