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F & F Helps Introduce CA Spousal Support Bill
April 27, 2011
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F & F Helps Introduce CA Spousal Support Bill

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Fathers and Families has helped introduce SB 481, a California bill to curb the common family court practice of issuing “double dipping” spousal support orders.

SB 481 will correct an inequity in California law wherein the same stream of income is counted twice in a family law action — once for purposes of valuing that income stream as a division of property, then again for spousal/partner support purposes when the spouse/partner receives the income in the future.  Under this bill, family law courts would have to consider the impact of double counting of income when making a spousal/partner support order.

SB 481 comes on the heels of SB 1482, an alimony reform bill we helped pass last year. SB 1482 allows some alimony obligors to obtain court orders requiring vocational examinations for their exes, and mandates that judges follow the exams’ findings when determining spousal support levels.

Both SB 481 and SB 1482 are sponsored by Senator Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood), who F & F named its California Senator of the Year for 2010.

F & F Appears on Nationally-Syndicated Jesse Lee Peterson Show (Audio Available) 

Jesse Lee PetersonFathers and Families Executive Director Glenn Sacks appeared today on the nationally-syndicated Jesse Lee Peterson Show–to listen to the audio, click here and go to “April 27, hour 3.”

Peterson, a frequent guest on national television, said that Fathers and Families is “absolutely needed.” Topics discussed included Parental Alienation, move-aways, false accusations, visitation interference, and the child custody problems faced by military parents.

The Jesse Lee Peterson Show is broadcast in many major markets, including Atlanta, Tampa, New Orleans, Memphis, and others.

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