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Action Alert: F & F Joins with MA DV Group to Protest Ad;
Boston Institutions Promote Child Custody Hoax
October 26, 2011
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Action Alert: F & F Joins with MA Domestic Violence Organization Jane Doe to Protest Ad

This Jimmy Choo Ltd ad appears on their website and in many of their storefronts.
This Jimmy Choo Ltd ad appears on their website and in many of their storefronts.

Fathers and Families has joined with Jane Doe Inc., The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence in a joint letter to protest an advertisement from the luxury shoes, clothing, and bags company Jimmy Choo Ltd. The ad appears both on their website and in many of their storefronts. We explained:

Unwittingly, your ad both trivializes domestic violence and makes it appear that partner abuse is acceptable. The man in the photo appears to be in fear and possibly in pain or even dead, and the woman pictured seems to be about to put her full weight on the man’s skull.

We suggest you call Jimmy Choo Ltd CEO Joshua Schulman and Chief Creative Officer Tamara Mellon and let them know that the ad is offensive and should be removed. They can be reached in their New York office at (212) 319-1111.

Jane Doe Inc. is one of Massachusetts’ most prominent domestic violence organizations. The ad came to our attention from longtime F & F member Greg Peterson, who saw the ads in the Jimmy Choo store at the Copley Place Mall in Back Bay (Greater Boston). We thank both Greg and Jane Doe Inc. Director of Communications Toni K. Troop for their efforts.

Read the Joint Fathers and Families/Jane Doe Inc. Letter to Jimmy Choo Ltd here.

MIT, Boston University, Boston Magazine Promote Holly Collins Child Custody Hoax

NO way out but one movie poster
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, and Boston Magazine are unwittingly promoting the Holly Collins child custody hoax via their glowing coverage of the new documentary film No Way Out But One. The Boston Magazine piece ‘No Way Out But One’ to Unveil at MIT says the film "will open your eyes to a stunning injustice."

In Professor Takes a Stand Against Domestic Violence on the Boston University School of Communications website, the film’s director, BU professor Garland Waller, claims “[I]f you beat your wife and abuse your children in America you are more likely to get custody than not. This is a shocking fact that most people have no idea about.”

In reality, courts tilt heavily towards mothers in awarding child custody, and the Collins case is a discredited hoax. In January of 2009, Fathers and Families released an exhaustive, 11,000 word analysis of the court records and documents in the case. This analysis, which can be seen here, exposed the Holly Collins case as a complete fabrication. Our Report enumerated dozens of falsehoods in Holly Collins’ version of events.

Holly Collins’ claims about her high-profile custody case are disputed by her own mother, grandmother, sister, brother, stepfather, former in-laws, her ex-husband and his wife,  the father of her third child and his wife, numerous doctors, Guardians ad Litem, social workers, mental health professionals and all seven judges who have heard this case.

For decades Holly Collins has made false accusations of abuse against a wide variety of people, including her mother, stepfather, both of the fathers of her children, both of the subsequent wives of the fathers of her children, as well as former landlords and neighbors.

To comment on the piece at the Boston Magazine website, click here. Fathers and Families has written to Boston Magazine about their Collins piece–others can write them at [email protected]

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