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Agree With The Boston Globe Editorial
Now is the Time to Appoint a Shared Parenting Task Force
March 19, 2012

The Boston Globe’s editorial provides every Fathers and Families’ reader the opportunity to write a letter to the editor agreeing with the editorial, and email your legislator to ask them to establish a Shared Parenting Task Force.

As the Globe points out, the legislature recently provided a model for resolving family law issues — the Alimony Task Force. Please take the time to do this NOW.

Email the Globe.
Find your senator and representative telephone numbers and email addresses.

When you write your letter to The Boston Globe and contact your legislator, here are points to make. Remember to include information about your children.

  • Fathers and Families agrees with The Boston Globe editorial seeking a task force to review custody laws.
  • This is an ideal opportunity for Massachusetts to lead in developing true, working, shared parenting legislation.
  • It would also be a major breakthrough for gender equality in the family courts in America.
  • Through a ballot initiative, over 85% of Massachusetts voters have already stated they want shared parenting.
  • Anything less than shared parenting penalizes innocent children and separates children from loving fathers, grandparents, and other relatives.
  • Your name and your town, so they know where you vote.

Write the Globe and email your legislator today!

Ned Holstein, MD, MS
Chairman of the Board
National Board of Directors .

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