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Activists Are Successful: Raised Their Voices in 2012
November 21, 2012
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Activists Are Successful: Raised Their Voices in 2012

Throughout this year, you and other activists have raised your voice with Fathers and Families. This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for your work and your activism, and the example you are setting for your children. Together we have:

  • Secured a place for our founder, Ned Holstein, on Governor Deval Patrick’s Working Group on Child-Centered Family Law;
  • Placed a new limit on California spousal support;
  • Helped Ohio child support obligors by maintaining their driver’s licenses;
  • Continued our fight to protect our American soldiers’ custody in deployment;
  • Introduced shared parenting legislation in Washington;
  • Introduced legislation protecting men – and children – against paternity fraud in Washington and California;
  • Capped the age of the dependent for child support in Indiana;
  • Organized our members to present their stories at the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines hearings;
  • Took on the governor of Minnesota, but he still did not sign the shared parenting legislation;
  • Spoke out against a National Putative Registry;
  • Responded to South Dakota’s child support guidelines review;
  • Followed the Massachusetts alimony reform victory by moving the alimony reform movement to other states;
  • Protected the rights of biological fathers in Michigan;
  • Shed the light on child support scare tactics in South Carolina;
  • Backed uniform laws for military custody and for child custody across jurisdictions;
  • Responded to Ohio’s child support guidelines review;
  • Protected fathers “visitation” in Illinois;
  • Promoted grandparents’ rights in Georgia;
  • Asked the Census Bureau to count dads as parents, not as babysitters;
  • Educated about partner aggression against men;
  • Informed members about the revisions in child support guidelines in Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Texas;
  • Took on P&G, who only recognized mothers as promoters of Olympic athletes, and Oscar Mayer for grilling dads in its advertisements in addition to its dogs;
  • Promoted companies with advertisements that recognize good dads: Mass Mutual, VW Polo, Dick’s Sporting Goods; and
  • Questioned our national health care for not providing equal preventative care for men.

Fathers and Families believes shared parenting is the single most important social change we must make for our children. Society should support shared parenting and the rights and responsibilities of both parents in the same way it supports other children’s issues, including child support enforcement.

Fathers and Families is your voice in family law. Fathers and Families continues to grow and so does the strength of your voice.

As we give thanks this week, Fathers and Families thanks each and every one of you who have written a letter, placed a phone call, met with a legislator, contacted the media, made a gift, or spoken up in your community. Every time you speak up, you bring us closer to shared parenting across America. And, with your continued commitment and strong voice, we will make even more progress in 2013.

Preserving the bond between parents and children,
Rita Fuerst Adams, MBA
National Executive Director
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