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  • Shared Parenting Report Card Press Conference Highlights

    Highlights from our press conference announcing our Shared Parenting Report Card, September 18, 2019 in New York City. Featuring speakers who've experienced all aspects of divorce and custody issues, they all support shared parenting as best for children and parents.

    Read the news coverage and op-eds about our Shared Parenting Report Card at the links below:

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  • NPO's Roadmap for Success and 2019 Report Card

    By Ginger Gentile, Deputy Executive Director

    I was so excited to do my first live video chat about how National Parents Organization is going to lead the way to new shared parenting legislation, court reform and using the Shared Parenting Report Card release on September 17th to drive change. 

    This video has already gotten 138 shares and almost seven thousand views!

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  • Indiana Man to Pay Support for Child not His

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    February 17, 2020 by Robert Franklin, JD, Member, National Board of Directors

    Once more a man who’s not the father of a child has been forced to pay child support for it.  That’s true despite the fact that all parties acknowledge that the man isn’t the child’s father and he apparently has no relationship with it.  The case demonstrates the inanity and injustice of failing to require mothers to accurately identify the fathers of the children to which they give birth.

    In April of 2017, Abriel Gonzalez gave birth to a child.  She named Jonathan Ortiz as the father even though she knew he might not be.  Ortiz too had questions about his paternity, but, at the hospital when the baby was born, Gonzalez threatened that, if he didn’t sign an affidavit acknowledging paternity, she wouldn’t allow him to see the child.  So he did.

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  • Florida Family Lawyers Oppose Shared Parenting, Alimony Reform

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    February 14, 2020 by Robert Franklin, JD, Member, National Board of Directors

    It’s that time of year again in Florida.  Early Spring?  No, it’s the time when the legislature is in session, there are two bills that would reform alimony and parenting time law and, of course opposition to both from family lawyers.  Here’s one example from Amy Hamlin who’s president of the Family Law Section of the Florida State Bar (Florida Politics, 2/10/20).  We’ve been down this road in Florida many times before and, predictably, the family lawyers there have no new arguments to make in their desperation to head-off sensible reform.

    Well, to be entirely accurate, Hamlin does have one new argument that comes in the subtitle to her piece.

    Hasty changes to alimony reform won’t yield better results for Florida families.

    “Hasty?”  Er, not exactly.  In fact, alimony reform and shared parenting are possibly the best-known, best-understood and most extensively vetted of any issue before the legislature.  That’s because they’ve been introduced as bills, heard by committees, argued to the full House and Senate and voted on for at least four years now.  That’s not what I call “hasty.”

    Weirdly, Hamlin admits as much.

    For the last several Legislative Sessions, there has a push for sweeping changes to Florida’s alimony statute…

    So, according to the article, the effort is hasty and at the same time it’s been around for several years.  Make sense?  As it turns out, it makes about as much sense as the rest of Hamlin’s piece.

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