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  • 50 States Review - Glaring Parental Inequality

    50 States Review - Glaring Parental Inequality

    2019 State-by-State analysis highlights parental inequality across the nation  
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  • When Saying Thank You Isn’t Enough – Veteran’s Day 2019

    Authors – Tom McDermott and Nicholas Dreeszen of Families United Action Network
    Originally posted at FamiliesUnite.org
    FUAN Veterans Day 2019 FI 865x479

    Veteran's Day is a day when we acknowledge the sacrifices veterans have made for our country. Frequently, veterans are asked to put themselves in harm's way to protect our country and our way of life. Since there hasn't been a draft since the '70s, most of our soldiers volunteered for service. Almost all veterans are happy and proud to have served. It is because of their sacrifice that the American life as we know it is possible. 

    ALL of our freedoms come from these brave individuals standing up to protect every American. Your American way may mean starting with bacon and eggs for breakfast, playing frisbee in the afternoon, or dancing all night. Other citizens have the freedom to live the way they feel is best for them. It's the way our founders envisioned American life.

    According to the VA, there are approximately 18 million veterans in the US (about 7.6 percent of the population). To give you a visual, it would take around 338 football stadiums filled to capacity to hold all of our living veterans. 

    Most of these veterans return to civilian life and become productive citizens and live the American dream. But what about the rest? Have you ever stopped to put yourself in their shoes to capture the emotions that they are feeling or to realize the different struggles that they may be facing? 

    Have you ever stopped to ask WHY ARE WE LOSING AN AVERAGE OF 22 of these warriors EVERY DAY to suicide?

    Have you taken a moment to ask, “What can I do to help those who have helped me without ever asking for anything in return?”

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  • Shared Parenting Report Card Press Conference Highlights

    Highlights from our press conference announcing our Shared Parenting Report Card, September 18, 2019 in New York City. Featuring speakers who've experienced all aspects of divorce and custody issues, they all support shared parenting as best for children and parents.

    Read the news coverage and op-eds about our Shared Parenting Report Card at the links below:

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  • NPO's Roadmap for Success and 2019 Report Card

    August 28, 2019 by Ginger Gentile, Deputy Executive Director

    I was so excited to do my first live video chat about how National Parents Organization is going to lead the way to new shared parenting legislation, court reform and using the Shared Parenting Report Card release on September 17th to drive change. 

    This video has already gotten 138 shares and almost seven thousand views!

    Please share this video on your social media platforms!

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  • Federal Judge Hits Texas DFPS with $50,000/Day in Fines

    child cute dad 105952

    November 12, 2019 by Robert Franklin, JD, Member, National Board of Directors

    When I practiced law, I never had a judge find me or a client in contempt of court.  I never had a judge say this to me or a client:

    I can no longer find [you] to be credible in any way,” Jack said. “It’s shameful … You all cannot be relied upon for anything. Period.

    Or this:

    You have created a crisis. You are trying to fix it and blame it on somebody else.

    I’ve never had a judge accuse a client of lying under oath, threaten to put a client in jail or reprimand me or a client for lack of appropriate courtroom decorum.

    But then I never represented the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services either.  Federal Judge Janis Jack did all that to TDFPS officials during a recent hearing on whether the state had complied with court orders.

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